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Being a Cash Home Buyer in Sacramento has its challenges and sometimes its just answering the questions we get about our Company and about our local Sacramento house buying program. Most homeowners have a hard time distinguishing the differences between the “We Buy Houses in Sacramento” companies because we all say pretty much the same thing. But there are vast differences.

The first difference is the ability to perform. Not all We buy houses Sacramento are created equal and some dont actually have the money to purchase your house. Ask them about their lines of credit or their cash in the bank. Better yet ask them for Proof of Funds.

Second, many we buy houses Sacramento are new to the business, drawn in by the promise or dream of getting rich quick. While the TV shows may glamorize the business, there are many complexities in real estate and most of the new companies come and go within a matter of months.

But the most common question I get is “Can you buy my house for cash in Sacramento or do I have to wait for a buyer or for you to get a bank loan?“.

It’s a Great question and it’s critical to go beyond the canned and simple “yes”  and “No”answer. Even some cash home buyers in Sacramento may need to wait to find a buyer and many others may need to wait to get financing to purchase your house. At Westbrook REI, we have vast lines of credit that we have established over the years and we DO NOT NEED BANK APPROVAL to Buy Your Sacramento House now. When we make a commitment to purchase your house you can take it to the bank.

Can I list My House with a Real Estate Agent?

Listing your house with a real estate agent is anything but fast. Real Estate Agents do not buy houses, they list them for sale and once they sell you pay a 6% commission.

Keep in Mind 95% of all buyers of all houses listed with a real estate agent NEED to go through the traditional “bank loan” process, which can take from 20-60 days from the time you accept their offer, to actually close on the property.

All the while you’re paying your mortgage payment, the utilities, insurance, and a real estate agent commission at the close of the transaction. Also keep in mind that 1 in 3 offers with financing actually fall apart before they can close and you are left to start all over again in a process that takes a long time waiting for the right buyer with the right financing.

The second most frequently asked question we get asked is “What is my house worth, what will you pay me for it?”

I need to Sell my Sacramento house fast
We Buy Houses Sacramento… No Banks, No Financing Call us at (209)481-7780

That question is a little more complicated and while I can tell you in a matter of minutes what houses have recently sold for in the neighborhood based on a comparable sales analysis, I cannot tell you exactly what your house is worth unless I see it first hand and I am allowed to evaluate it based on a list of items that I believe will allow me to attach a real value.

Also keep in mind that after I see the house and analyse the data I can give you a written offer within 24 – 48  hours that I will guarantee.

Keep reading this article to learn about our local “cash for houses in Sacramento” program and how we can close on your house in as little as 7 days or on the day that you choose. 

“Can You Buy My House For Cash In Sacramento CA?” – How It Works

At Westbrook REI, we’re a local professional house buying firm. Traditional Real Estate Investors.

We buy houses for cash, remodel the house and depending on the need at the time, either keep and rent the house or find another happy homeowner to buy the house.

The local homeowners or sellers that we tend to work with usually need to sell their house fast… and the fastest way to sell a house is with a buyer who can pay cash.

Assuming that the house will qualify for a loan (some houses need extensive repairs and remodeling and would not qualify for a bank loan) A cash house buyer helps you avoid having to wait for that buyer to get approved for the loan… and for that loan to work it’s way through the bank underwriting and funding process.

If you’ve ever gotten a loan from a bank to buy a house, you know how long the process can take. Today’s lending requirements are much more stringent and as such the time frames are even longer than just one year ago.

If you don’t have the time to wait that long, that’s where become the specialist.

We can buy your house for cash, close quickly, and we pay all of the closing costs and fees associated with fixing up the property. We dont order inspections, we dont require contingencies, appraisals and we are not going to delay the sale unless of course that is what you want.

You get a quick, no-hassle sale. best of all you pay no Commissions that can average more than 6%.

So, yes…

We Buy Sacramento Houses For Cash. Get Your Fair Cash Offer Today.

We buy houses fast sacramento
We can Buy Your Sacramento House in a matter of Days


What does it take on your part?  At Westbrook REI we believe in a simple no-hassle and no-obligation process.

Selling your Sacramento house shouldn’t be complicated or stressful.

We draft the Purchase and Sale Agreement which is 2 pages long and it states specifically that you are selling your house in its current as is condition without any warranties whatsoever. It also states that we are buying the property as is with NO Contingencies…. period.

How Do I Sell My House Fast in Sacramento?

How do I Get Started?

Fill out the short form through the link below or give us a call anytime at (209) 481-7780. We’ll get some basic information about your house and within 48 hours we will schedule and appointment to see the house (no cleanup necessary) and from there we will submit our formal written offer. If the offer works for you, we’ll work submit the Purchase and Sale Agreement to the title company to open the escrow and set a closing date that fits your schedule.

Get the process started below or call (209) 481-7780! 

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Peter Westbrook

Peter Westbrook is a local Cash Home Buyer / Real Estate Investor in Stockton, Sacramento and Modesto CA and Tulsa Oklahoma. He has written numerous real estate articles that have been published here and by other blog and news outlets. Peter has appeared on several local and national news reports regarding the state of the Stockton and Sacramento Real Estate Markets.

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