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We’re hoping that if you’ve found this page you’ll agree it’s the most important page on our Website. Anyone can claim that they Buy Houses in Sacramento, that they pay cash and that they close fast… but that hardly tells you who we are. That is quite frankly just part of the Marketing that got you here.

We’re a family owned business and we focus on helping homeowners like you find solutions to issues and problems that have become time consuming and overwhelming. What we hope is that what you’ll find important about us is who we are, how we do it and of course how we treat our customers to make a difference in their lives

So, while We Buy Houses in Sacramento is the intended byproduct of our work there are so many other things that we do to get us to that point. What we really do well is provide solutions to complex real estate questions, coordinate a lot of independent professionals to act as one team to help homeowners free themselves of problematic situations… and of course listening to you the customer. Along the way we then can create a plan to stop a Sacramento Foreclosure, initiate a Probate, liquidate housing assets in the case of a divorce, or evict that terrible tenant or relative. We exist to provide a range of other services that ultimately satisfy our customer’s needs.

We do this of course without charging you a fee or a commission. All we ask is that you give us an opportunity to purchase that burdensome property.

About Me

Peter Westbrook 1

 Owner: Peter Westbrook

My name is Peter Westbrook and I was born and raised right here in the Central Valley.  I Buy Houses in and around the Sacramento area and it is what I do for a living and I am really good at it.

When I make a commitment to buy a house from you, I personally hold everyone I work with to buy your house accountable for performing on their promises. Whether its a bank dealing with a foreclosure, the city with code violations, or a title company needing more information, I am relentless and I push until the job is done and you have the cash in your hand.

I have a sense of urgency that is contagious and I make things happen. My job is to get things done and that means I approach every house and homeowner with a commitment to say what I mean and do what I say, when I say it.

How can I say that? Success to me is measured in my ability to keep my promises and in the process help others achieve their goals. I have always said that my Boss has been my customers, employees and family.

I am not a real estate agent and that means I am not going to ask you to pay a commission. I am not going to ask you to fix your house or to even clean up. Instead what I am going to do is tell you to leave what you don’t want, because I will take care of it.

I love being challenged in helping others and I am confident that I can help you.

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