Cash For Houses In Sacramento – How Much is My House Worth?

Cash For Houses In Sacramento it May be Your Best Option?

If you’re a homeowner and you are selling your house in Sacramento, there are always two questions  asked … “What is my House Worth in Sacramento?” or “what can I get for it”?  The truth is, that the answers are very different. Most real estate professionals understand that each is a loaded,  because the truthful answer is that your house is worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how it appraises, what work needs to be done or its in a great location, because the buyer is going to determine the value and the seller is either going to accept or reject the offer. Upon acceptance, that is the true value. One thing is for sure… it’s not an answer that you can get from Zillow, Trulia or Redfin.

It takes analysis and evaluation. It also requires time and expertise. .. and regardless of how you arrive at that number, no one is just going to walk up and hand you a bag full of cash and say… “I don’t care what the problems are, I want to buy your house as is without inspections or contingencies… site unseen”. No one.

So let’s start with the basics. The value of your house is dependent many factors including your houses Location, its Condition and its Age. It matters whether your water comes from a well or it comes from the city. It makes a difference whether you are connected to the city sewer or are on your own septic system. It also matters if your house needs a lot of work or is pristine. Granite, tile, wood floors, carpet, pantry or no pantry. It all matters… until it doesn’t.

So what does all of that mean when it comes to the price of a house? Does it mean that if the house three doors down with the same basic floor plan sold for $450,000 that yours must be worth that too? Or…  could it be worth more or less?

Today’s article is about more than just home values. Today’s article is about how homeowners that want or need to sell should alternatively view the real estate market today based on their own houses location, condition, age and yes special needs. It is also about the sellers mindset and goals.

Some sellers are determined to get a top of market offer and are willing to spend thousands of dollars to chase that offer in commissions, repairs, upgrades and additions, regardless of how much they actually pocket at the closing and if that is you, then move along. This article is NOT for you.

If on the other hand, you want to put the most amount of money in your pocket without spending thousands of dollars chasing a number that may be unobtainable, then read on.

What I offer is the unconventional way of selling real estate. No agent, no commissions, no clean up, no repairs, no inspections no appraisals, no banks and no long terms holding cost. I offer a glimpse at an all cash offer and an opportunity for you to sell your house fast without hiring a real estate agent or a contractor. I offer 7 to 10 day cash in hand. I offer simplicity.

Seriously, if you want to maximize the amount of money that you put in your pocket when the sales closes, fixing and selling your house conventionally with a real estate agent, discounted or not may not be your best option.

Unfortunately, most sellers do not fully explore their options when it comes to selling and the knee jerk reaction is to just call a real estate agent. I am not saying that that call should not be made. I think that all sellers need to equip themselves with the knowledge to make the right decisions for themselves. What I am saying is that it should NOT be the only call that is made, because in today’s world there are just more options available.

So, if the main questions are how much… and how fast, it only stands to reason that most sellers struggle with the fundamentals of selling their house. They fear that they don’t have the expertise, they dont understand all of the cost (or the risk) and many are often left with so many unanswered questions that they have a hard time formulating a real plan. It is why so many, just follow the Conventional Wisdom and immediately hire the first real estate agent they talk to, regardless of their specific situation. It is why almost 40% of all residential real estate listings never see an offer, even in a sellers market and why those listings quietly expire to a multiple listing service graveyard.

So what does that all mean? Why is it that some houses sit without any offers while others sell fast?

Most real estate agents do not have a pocket full of buyers that have unlimited amounts of cash ready to buy your house. Yet most sellers are relying on an agent to do just that. If that is the case then maybe you are asking the impossible from the very people that profess to be able to sell houses and yet they themselves are not connected to any real buyers. The truth of the matter is that your house is part of a bigger numbers game to real estate agents. What you need to remember is  that “A listing agreement is NOT a contract to sell a house, but instead a commission agreement for when the houses sells”. That is a huge distinction and yet most homeowners are not aware of any of the statistics regarding home sales or the failure rates.

The truth of the matter is that most real estate agents aren’t aware of the failure rates either and many would argue their validity. But the numbers are very real.

So, if you are looking for your real estate agent to attract the highest price, in the shortest amount of time without you having to spend a lot of money, your expectations may be completely unrealistic.  For most sellers, they want to know how much they will get if they sell their house right now. So, if you’re thinking of selling and wondering how much you might get, this blog post may help to answer that question. More importantly, it may just direct you to the Cash Home Buyer in Sacramento that can actually buy your house.

My name is Peter Westbrook and I am a Cash home buyer in Sacramento and I know that selling your house and buying your house are two sides of the same coin. I also know that unless we can come to terms, you are not selling and I am not buying. Sure you can go the conventional route of selling your house and we may never meet, but then again I am not a retail buyer and I dont look for houses conventionally on the multiple listing service. I buy directly from homeowners like you.

I buy houses in Sacramento, Stockton and Modesto at fair market value minus the cost of repairs and cleanup and some holding cost. I am not going to ask you to fix anything, clean anything or update anything. I am not going to ask for inspections and I am certainly not looking for the prettiest house on the block. I am looking to talk to homeowners that need to sell now and know that the conventional path will be too time consuming and expensive and still may not yield the desired return.

What Does Selling Your House in Sacramento Conventionally Mean?

Conventional Sale: When a house is sold “Conventionally”, it means that the house was listed by a real estate agent and both the buyer and seller were represented by real estate agents during the process. It is how 99% of all houses are sold. A Sign gets planted in the front yard, the listing appears on the MLS and other real estate websites, there are open houses and several potential buyers have paraded through your house and the house has had at least one offer. Houses that are sold conventionally (otherwise known as  on the the market”) will often be sold for approximately the same amount that other similar houses in the area have sold for. This is called “market price or fair market Value”.

Off The Market: When a house is sold “off the market”, that usually means that the homeowner has decided to sell their home directly to a cash home buyer instead of listing their house with a real estate agent. Houses sold off the market will often be sold for slightly less than their market price, this is called “below market price.”

At Westbrook REI , we are cash home buyers who buy houses on and off the market. To learn more about what we do, click here to fill out the form or call us now at (209)481-7780

So, if You are reading this and asking, “why would anyone accept a below market price offer, and less cash for houses in Sacramento than maybe the one next door?”

That’s a good question but there’s more to the story:

  • Selling on the market usually means you’re selling it to a person who will choose to live in the house. They’re buying the house for themselves and their family. But when you sell off the market, you’re often selling to a an investor that might be buying your house to turn it into a rental property or to renovate it and sell it.
  • Selling on the market usually means the buyer needs financing. Selling off the market, in a private sale, often means that a professional home-buying company is will to pay cash for houses in Sacramento. (That’s why some people prefer to sell off the market – they don’t want to wait for the seller to get financing; they want to know they’ve sold the house right away).
  • Selling on the market actually costs money… sometimes a lot of money. If your house needs renovations and repairs, you have to spend money to fix up your house before you sell it on the market. However, when you sell it off the market, such as to a company like us at Westbrook REI, you may be able to sell your house as-is – saving the money (and the time and hassle).
  • Selling on the market through an agent will ALWAYS result in commissions and fees to the agent for the work they did to list your house. But selling off the market to a home buying company like Westbrook REI always means you pay no commissions, fees or closing costs.

How much can you get for your home? Selling on the market may mean you sell your house for more money but it takes longer and costs more; selling off the market may mean you sell your house for below market price but it’s faster and there are no expenses or fees.

So, how much will sellers get in cash for houses in Sacramento? It depends on how you sell – Conventionally on the market or off the market… and that is determined by how quickly you want to sell and how much time and money you’re willing to invest to sell.

We pay cash for houses in Sacramento and we’d like to make a no-obligation offer on yours. Click here to fill out the form or call our office right now at (209)481-7780


Peter Westbrook

Peter Westbrook is a local Cash Home Buyer / Real Estate Investor in Stockton, Sacramento and Modesto CA and Tulsa Oklahoma. He has written numerous real estate articles that have been published here and by other blog and news outlets. Peter has appeared on several local and national news reports regarding the state of the Stockton and Sacramento Real Estate Markets.

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