How to Review Sellers Offers in Sacramento

Real estate offers are pretty much the same everywhere. They are not too terribly difficult to decode. They state an offer price, they state the amount of money that will be considered the earnest money deposit, they list the amount that will be financed and finally they detail which parties will pay for all kinds … Continued

Buy My House as is Stockton

Peter Westbrook: Hello, everyone, Peter Westbrook, Westbrook Real Estate Investments. I’m standing out in front of 1602 East Scotts Avenue in Stockton, California. This is a 1920s house. We are in the process now of just securing the entire perimeter of this. We’ve got to clean it all up. This house is a two bedroom,…

Sell My House Sacramento Fast (209)481-7780

In my latest article and the Video below, I talk about what to do when you need to sell my house Sacramento, Stockton or Modesto. First and foremost, in real estate it really is all about the numbers. That is ironic because as important as they are, it also depends on where those numbers are … Continued